Category: VPS (Private Cloud)
Price: 65,00 EUR

Secure and powerful non-shared Virtual Private Server that provides significant boost to capacity and processor power.

The price includes installation.

The Standard plan includes the following drives:
Drive I : 10GB Intel® Optane™ NVMe interface – to store the production version’s SQL database
Drive II : 100GB SSD - to store the operating system and test versions’ SQL databases
Drive III : 250 GB secure SAS disk array - extra space for other files like attachments or documents


Highly efficient server   VPN for all users
Stable and efficient   Safe
Optimized to work with YetiForce   Managed by the YetiForce Team
Free administrative support   Free backup and restore services

One month for free with the first purchase
Buy 12 months and get 2 months for free
Buy 19 months and get 5 months for free

Cores 1 vCore (3,7 GHz)
SQL database 1x 4 GB RAM
Drive I 10 GB Intel® Optane™ NVMe interface
Drive II 100 GB SSD
Drive III 250 GB SAS disk array
Security DDOS
SLA 99,95%
High availabilty included
SSl let's encrypt included